Great War theme park

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The centenary from the outbreak of First Word War is the occasion to present to visitors and citizens a project that aims at the restoration of artifacts and sites involved in the first part of the international conflict and in the strives between Austro-Hungarian and Italian armies. The findings in this area are, for their variety, extension and condition a precious historical and cultural heritage for the entire territory and represent an opportunity for children, nature- and history lovers to get to know even better this enchanting lands.


Pontebba is tightly bound to the events of First World War. Terrible destructions changed the history of this place and the stories of its inhabitants. History is in this place never too far away in time, since it still profoundly belongs to its population. While walking along these paths we can’t help but thinking about the unshakable resolution of the young men that fought on these mountains and of those who lost their lives to build fortifications capable to keep away the enemy.


Shelters, foxholes and paths were pulled out from the rocks with any weather condition. Every stone and branch tells us about a past that resisted to the injury of time and now dramatically  testimonies the ever-lasting conflict between the greatness of human capabilities and the foolishness of its aims.

To reach the route from Piazza Dante:

Photos by : Davide Tonazziofmomevfhoywse